Job for PV solar Business Developer , Manager

Manages multiple small to medium sized Renewables Services projects, and/or a small Renewables EPC project. Manages multiple clients and/or projects.
The Project Manager will also support the growth of the RE team by being involved with hiring and mentoring the professional staff.

The position will entail interaction with clients including: utilities, energy project developers, financial institutions, energy end-users, investors, government agencies, and other organizations.

We, Institute of solar Technology (IST) are providing hand-on (fully practical) PV solar technology training and cover all the above skills which ask by employers. Institute of Solar Technology is an academic and research-oriented & Entrepreneurship Development Institute. For more detail visit our campus or visit www.istindia.org 

Advance Certificate in Photovoltaic Business Management (PS02)

Advance Certificate in Photovoltaic Business Management - short term training for those, who want to start career as a Solar entrepreneurship / search job at solar field. A complete and compact practical training session which include PV Solar Cell to PV Power plant calculation, design, installing, commissioning, testing with business guideline.    More....>

Jobs for Business Developer , Manager

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